11 August 2010

Hard Boiled

Faye Dunaway in a (director) Kazumi Kurigami TV commercial for Parco. They don't make faces or commercials like this anymore.


  1. How many eggs do you think she went through for this commercial?

    Oddly, she reminds me of Meryl Streep in this TVC

  2. Anon: Hahaha not too many I hope! Yes, now that you mention it... there's a bit of meryl streep but i think it's the period?
    in a way, she's the anti meryl don't you think?
    meryl is always twinkling with wholesome goodness and faye is always decadent and wicked.

  3. so debatable whether it's genius or silly self indulgence. still thinking about it. but kudos for selling it to parco's management. no client in singapore will buy this idea.

  4. the japanese are so sophisticated. it looks like a painting by Manet, esp. in the beginning when it's filmed in mid-shot.

  5. Beauty: Can't it be genius and silly at the same time? the fact that it makes you think about it, and importantly REMEMBER it tips it more into the genius category, don't you think? isn't that the purpose of advertising?
    Anon: You're right, the lighting is Manet.