19 August 2010


iMac. iBook. iPod. iPhone. iPad.
I'm not interested in buying more and more stuff just because it's the newest, especially when everyone has one, wants one, needs one to be up to date to be connected to be young to be hip to be cool.
Because iNotStupid.
Is this progress? One needs to know this.
Are things really moving faster, and to what end? One needs to ask: What sort of a race this is?
Does it really improve the quality of one's life? One rather doubts this, as one looks around and sees people unable to tear their eyes of their iSoStoopid - even during dinner. The bloody things look gummed to their hands.
They can't wait to flash their iTooCool, thinking of ways to introduce it into the conversation.
Are there 'apps' to reduce idiocy and moral decay?
(I forget: Morals are not in fashion anymore. What are morals?)
Are you less lonely because of the hookup 'apps', or rather, profoundly more?
Are you looking at stuff that really needs to be looked at like... mid conversation?
Do you really need to check your email every two minutes?
Do you really need to update your Facebook profile from taxi stand to taxi?
Have you lost the plot entirely?
Can you write/ think/ argue better because you have an iNoCare?
(Photo: Tod's iPad case)


  1. Anon: Glad you agree. I can only think it's all very de-humanising, esp grinder. I think the end result is a maximum isolation prison. A new low in human relations surely.

  2. this iLike :) But how, i am tempted by grinder becos I like to grind in public spaces :P

  3. bravo, couldn't have said it any better myself so i won't.

    except to ask: did you know 'tod' means 'death' in german? very bad fengshui, non?

  4. Beauty: Go ahead! Can't wait to hear about your adventures as usual.
    Anon: Nope. And to think that it's an entirely made up name! There's no Mr Tod, and apparently they only wanted a catchy, american sounding name.
    I wonder how it's faring around the world because I don't think it's exactly flourishing in singapore.
    Its owner mr della valle is a lovely man nonetheless, quite the old-school italian gent. adore him.

  5. Thank you for hitting the nail right on it's head. Applause applause.

  6. iDon'tCare, iDon'tCare, what people think of me!
    If I take the wrong way, then I'll go my own way,
    That's my philosophy...

  7. Dear Yang: Hope you enjoyed my rant!