24 August 2010

Paris Under My Skin

Another day, another Vogue Paris (September) preview: This one is a beauty story disguised as tribute to Paris and features quintessential Parisian makeup artist Tom Pecheaux and products from Estee Lauder on French model Constance Jablonski (also a Lauder face). By Carine Roitfeld with Inez & Vinoodh.


  1. Do you like this set of pictures?

  2. Dear Anon: I need to look at the pictures in the magazine to decide actually, because the context needs to be considered. I like the picture with the Eiffel Tower sort of coming out of her mouth, very guy bourdin but otherwise, pretty standard Vogue Paris stuff, not to say it's not of a pretty high standard. I'm not sure about the 'heart' accessories used throughout, which is slightly over stating the case, but there you go.