06 September 2010

Shallow Fry for Two Minutes

Over the weekend, I went to Dick Lee's Fried Rice Paradise.
I remember it vaguely from my teens (such a long time ago, when all is said and done) but what unfolded, and flapped about for a bit, seemed like an entirely different musical, commissioned by the People’s Association. Some pleasures shouldn't be reprised.
The sets were coldly gorgeous; but they only served to highlight how slim the pickings. The uncertain laughs were of the Phua Chu Kang type, colloquial but also strained and, in the end, anachronistic. The three Tans, Darius, Sebastian and Denise but in credible performances. Darius, gleeful; Denise, enthusiastic; Sebastian was hamming it up in a musical all of his own. Lim Yu Beng was very good. Taufik Batisah, cast as the village dimwit, seemed completely out of his element. He stumbled laboriously one beat behind throughout the play.
The Singapore Idol's much-vaunted singing was actually pretty excruciating.However: I happened to be seated next to Sandcastle director Boo Junfeng, and that made the whole evening memorable, and all too brief a treat.


  1. Boo! Haha.


  2. Alas, currently attached ("currently" gives hope to us all).

  3. *faints...

    attached to who?

  4. Dear Anon #3: I'm speaking for all the other Anons as this affects our future happiness - who what when where why. Spare no details!

  5. Here , their love pic , look if you can bear to ...


  6. So very until can die meh? I tried so hard to make my tapioca gush out but still as dry as the sahara. I think you bitches are having orgasms becos bitch is talented. Based on looks alone, really cannot lah. But if mama says GIVE .... hmm ....

  7. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=978167&id=752035545&ref=fbx_album

    another one. my heart. my poor shattered heart...

  8. Dear Beauty: GIVE...?
    Dear Anon: SOL They look a sweet couple, and make complete sense! Take care of your shattered heart...

  9. DG....give eh? But didn't someone mention he is rather petite? Beauty is supermodel height so it will be rather awkward - a case of nose to nose, toe in hole ; toe to toe, nose in hole? but will still take lah. woman on top lor.