07 September 2010

So Black

This iconic Hermes bag is now available in all-black. Using an innovative procedure, all the exterior hardware has been blacked-out with a glossed black finish. The So Black range is available in six models (including the Birkin and the Kelly Clutch) and in box and matte crocodile. The collection's special packaging: a bag, box and ribbons are all black!


  1. on its own its lovely. but too stark to mix and match with clothes no? unless monochrome is it? beauty.

  2. Gorgeous! this feels immediately modern! who's gonna buy me one now?!

  3. Dear Beauty: With beige? Denim mini? Grey fur? Quie a lot of stuff what...
    Dear Andrew: You can say that again.
    Dear alleycaat: SOL...

  4. did you know that in Greek mythology Hermes is supposed to be patron saint to, among others, thiefs & liars?

    i didn't and was totally shocked by this inadvertent discovery, for i had always thought of Hermes as the messenger of gods; and it thus sorta made sense for a label famed for its bags & pouches to be named after him. but lies & thieveries? :(

    see here:


  5. All women lie and steal hearts. So very apt that Hermes is patron saint to thiefs and liars. Very corny I know. This bitch cunt help it.

  6. Dear Anon: Well, if you read up about the god Hermes, you'll see that he is also quick witted, mercurial, given to disguise etc so quite rightly 'lies and thieveries'.