14 September 2010

Sofia Coppola's Somewhere

Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere won the Golden Lion in Venice. This, her fourth feature, will be released in December. Somewhere marks a return to form for the writer-director:"I never get myself in a situation where I don’t have creative freedom. I learned that from my dad: you put your heart into something, you have to protect it, what you’re making. I always like to keep the budget as small as possible just to have the most freedom. You know you get left alone, you get to pick the actors you want to use. I like doing personal films, after doing a bigger movie, I enjoy doing smaller, intimate films."(Pictures: L'Uomo Vogue Oct)


  1. I hope we agree on this: these are terrible picture of Sofia and I fear that its Lindberg being lazy again... Is it? L'uomo Vogue is looking so very strange these days...

  2. Dear Andrew: Agreed! On all counts.

  3. when did GaGa grow up?