22 October 2010

Beyond 10 for Vulgarity

Anna Dello Russo's fragrance Beyond is just the tip of the Christmas tree. Unleashed online in December, it comes in a gold shoe-shaped bottle.
“For 20 years no one noticed me," the 47-year-old stylist says. "I worked like Cinderella at the bottom of the pile. Finally, I’ve been invited to the ball. I was born online and want to stay online." (A line of T-shirts featuring his image sold out in three hours on the retailer’s site.) ADR has received a flurry of commercial offers, but he says: “I want to do a record next. Everyone expects me to do a clothes line. It’s too obvious. I want to do the opposite.”
But he's nothing if not obvious. Here he is, on the cover of 10, feeling like he's the bee's knees. The men's 10 is much more interesting looking.

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