23 October 2010

Gorgeous Decadence

Arena Homme + has an outstanding story that feels so perfect for now - completely tasteless, sinister, decadent, perverse, and weirdly celebratory it references include the Pre Raphaelites, Serge Lutens, Antonio, Sadao Hasagawa, Aubrey Beardsley, Pierre and Gilles and many more I'm unable to place a finger on (that air-brushed Funky Town makeup from the 1980s?)... Inspired and inspiring.


  1. i see, we aren't done with the '80s, yet.

    one more possible reference: Interview magazine covers during its heyday when mr warhol was still alive & in charge.

  2. Dear Erudite Anon: I'm guessing that you mean the glittering glamour of the coke fuelled 1980s? You're thinking of those airbrushed covers i think. I think this lot of pictures are actually a big achievement for nick knight. the styling is fantastic, very decadent.

  3. as i suffer from an almost paralysing snake phobia, it's somewhat of a challenge for me to work up any enthusiasms for spreads featuring creepy-crawlies. but i do see what you mean by the styling being fantastic.

    incidentally, i could still remember trembling with excitement after buying my first copy of Interview (several months late) at Bras Basah Complex in the '80s. with MJ on the cover no less.

    it was still possible physically to tremble for print magazines. back then.

  4. Dear Erudite Anon: Ahhh... i remeber those trembling days and regret their passing. i used to take a cab all over town to chase down the latest vogue italia or whatever - favourite spots include the thambi store at the corner of holland village. Sad isn't it? Now i sometimes can't even be bothered to take the plastic of the mag to have a peek. i certainly have stopped buying some of my once-fave titles.