03 November 2010


German photographer Karen Knorr combined ornate French interiors and taxidermy animals to create a photos that are part fairytale and part nightmare. Shown last spring at Paris’s Musée Carnavalet Fables—Photographies features 15 large-scale photos that involve various taxidermy creatures (foxes, squirrels, beavers, flamingos) inhabiting the elegant salons of renowned French chateaux Chambord and Chantilly. Famed Parisian taxidermist Deyrolle loaned many of the animals featured in the works, and Knorr’s quirky compositions bring them to life in unexpected settings. A squirrel and a fox contemplate a marble staircase, two stags lock horns in a grand foyer, a rabbit scampers beneath Louis XV chairs.


  1. they are so beautiful. i love europe.

  2. I love love love these pictures! That giraffe in the hallway! So elegant! Love the monkey too. Mischievious! And the fox! Thanks for putting these pictures up.


  3. Dear Beauty, J and Rossie: Indeed. I put these up in response to the 'stag film' photos by steven klein (from the previous post) - i think the comparison is instructive. Both feature animals, but the result can't be more different.

  4. eat your heart out, mr tim burton.