15 November 2010

Tom Ford

“There’s a continuity from what I was doing at YSL at the end; that’s the customer.” - Tom Ford“It’s about individuality. Real clothes, real women. For a fashionable woman aged 25 to 75. That’s why I literally put many of my own muses in the show.“I want this to be somewhere a woman knows she can go when she wants a great jacket—not a fake expensive jacket, something that has intrinsic value. I don’t think fashion has to change every five minutes. I’d like these to be clothes you can wear for a long time—ten, 20 years; pass on to your daughter. Why buy vintage when you can open your own closet!”Tom Ford and his debut women's collection as featured in Vogue December. Mr Ford’s comeback to womenswear after six years (his last was with Gucci Group) was shown achieved in top secret-style in New York on September 12. Anna Wintour should just have put any one of these images on the cover instead of Angelina Jolie. The photos by Steven Meisel of this collection were shot the morning after the presentation on September 13.


  1. Mr Ford is channelling the 70s in this collection, oui?

  2. Dear Anon: Again and again. I guess he's constantly trying to recapture his youth.