12 November 2010

Trend: Matured Men and Drags

Stephen Dorf (he's in the new Sofia Coppola movie, no, don't roll your eyes yet) exemplifies the trend towards featuring the matured man in magazines: T and then V magazines put him on the cover. The recent fall Vogue Homme International dedicated its entire issue to the matured guy, making a convincing case for growing up, growing old, with grace - and beautiful clothes. The trend for drags has actually been a long while in the making and has truly come out of the closet with the fall Arena Homme + and this Industrie cover with Marc Jacobs in drag. Shouldn't it be 'Ms' Jacobs rather than 'Mrs' though. The 'Mrs' sort of throws me off - she's married to... Marc?


  1. I like the Stephen Dorf cover. It's unpretentious. I like that they celebrate matured man. It's a fresh change from the super thin young models/star. Maybe it's just me, but it's refreshing to see that very little was done to make SD looked better. Can't wait to see the movie.

    The Marc Jacob cover however, is the exact opposite. Nothing new about MJ in drag. Plus, I hate any sort of blatant self promotion. You're right about that Mrs(Ms?) Jacobs title. What's up with that? And there's two of them? JacobS?


  2. Dear Rossie: You should take a look at the Vogue Homme, it really covers this topic very well, with many great examples of stylish and graceful matured men, including artists, rockers, and a group of 80s models shot by Bruce Weber.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. when i saw the coverline, 'Mrs Jacobs', i honestly thought it was Lorenzo Martone, MJ's Brazilian partner/spouse/husband/whatever. there's a certain hirsute resemblance there, yes?

    then i remembered they're no longer together. so it has to be MJ himself. so confusing.

  4. Dear Anon: Gosh indeed. I agree that Ms Jacobs and Martone could look very much a like in drag. They are dark aren't they?
    The 'mrs' is confusing isn't it? he's married to himself?