25 November 2010


Some of you may disagree: but I'm thinking - do we really need another book full of naked men? Photographer Mariano Vivanco's UOMINI (Rizzoli) published together with Dolce&Gabbana to celebrate the label's 20th Anniversary of menswear adds nothing to the genre. Preview pictures show the usual assorted models flashing their pubes - which is just more of the same. The cover, of model André Ziehe, is one of the best pictures I've seen of this model - which is all in all the best I can say about Mr Vivanco's work.


  1. O.M.G. André Ziehe, my Fave Brazilian Hunk! Thank you so much for posting.

    And yes dear we do need another book full of naked men. LOL.

  2. Dear Erudite Anon: LOL it's a wonder that you have a fave brazilian hunk - there are so many it'll be hard to decide. For the moment I guess Evandro Soldati for me. But, yes, Mr Ziehe has such great a great ass and gorgeous legs in this picture!