12 December 2010

Anna and Angelica

"China is becoming an increasingly important market. Everywhere you go there is this great drumroll that started five years ago of ‘what do you think about China?’ We decided it was time to make our own visit and to form our own opinions. In a way, American brands are a bit behind coming to China compared to the European brands, and I wanted to encourage them all to visit and open stores here." - Anna Wintour
The editors wearing specially made 'Asian' look dresses made with fabric sourced in People's Park Complex.
Li Bingbing is sooo pretty!
Vogue China editor Angelica Cheung hosted Anna Wintour in Shanghai and Beijing. Ms Wintour spoke at a forum at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, with Vogue lieutenants Mark Holgate and Sylvana Soto-Ward in attendance.
In case there's any doubt, Ms Cheung is the overdressed fatty in a bowl cut... and those dreadful cement boots.


  1. DG , do you think that's a wig Ms Wintour has on her head ?

  2. Dear Anon: I wouldn't put it pass her... but maybe it's one of those partial wig things?

  3. Anna and Angelica's clothes are really gao xiao !!! Can never understand why ugly women want to have hair styles that make them even uglier.

  4. You know the End is nigh when Anna Does China.

  5. Dear Beauty: Ms Cheung has horrible taste! I'm wondering what anna must be thinking behind the glasses! And you're right Anna's clothes are perfectly hideous too.