16 December 2010

He Said She Said: Aunty Karla

“At Chanel, people don’t know limits. That’s the secret of the success of Chanel.”

"I have no personal feeling about my work, you know. It’s a job I do, I try to do.I cannot get ecstatic over something I did."

"The minute it’s shown, it’s over. I’m happy people like it and I think it’s the biggest compliment you can have in fashion, but myself, I’m the poor boy who has to make the next one."

"I don’t make dresses for myself, so I need the inspiration of girls like Ines, like Stella, like Freja and I put a few boys. The Chanel jacket is like the jeans or the white shirt and the black jacket. It’s the base of people’s dressing. But you cannot make a show only with that. So the main Chanel has to follow fashion, but there has to be an element they can find back all the time, like the quilted bag."

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