09 December 2010

He Said She Said

"The Dior customer differs worldwide. It doesn’t matter the city really, I mean what’s interesting to me is the take on Dior and how she is inspired by it and how she puts it together, and I think that’s the inspiring thing. As one can see, in New York, they are groomed and glossy and as tall as the skyscrapers — which I love." - John Galliano


  1. my friend and i were at Velvet Underground once in the 90s.

    the club was deserted and in came this trashy looking foreigner, all facial hair and tattoos and jangly jewelries in a torn tee and a sarong-wrap. my friend and i were like, who is this ang moh queen? then we took a closer look and gasped together: it's Ms Galliano Herself.

    just thought i'd share...;)

  2. Dear Anon: As you can see from pictures, she is now a completley botoxed over to look like a trashy ang moh queen - but having said that, she's lovely and a true fashion genius. she seems exhausted though, especially of late, at the house of dior, perhaps the suits are bearing down on her. Ms Galliano always had the fragility of a blanche dubois.