16 December 2010

Now Lathering

I'm now washing my hair with the superbly gentle yet ultra cleansing Gentle Scalp Cleansing Shampoo Mild from Aesop. Formulated for chemically treated hair (that's me - three hours of chemicals to colour my hair, can you believe?), this shampoo is free from colourants, pearlising agents and foamers that dehydrate hair further. Instead, this low-foaming formulation soothes and cleanses without drying the scalp, it smells so soothingly of rosemary leaf, chamomile and lavender stem. I like this very much. I continue with their Revitalising Hair Sealing Conditioner, a botanical conditioner for all hair types. It's a creamy lotion that does not feel slimey, and again lavender-infused (and rosemary leaf and tangerine), and the best thing is it smooths without leaving a residue, which is all you can ask from a conditioner!

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