26 December 2010

Run To You

Whitney! Isn't this a classic? Weren't we all there once - so young and so innocent? It made me think of all my first loves: The one who plucked the mangoes from the tree. The pastor's son, who became a pastor. The one in his dad's Mercedes Benz. The one that drove a van, and gave me a tin ring. The one that sold T shirts in Far East Plaza. The one that left me origami animals. The one I met coming out of the third floor toilet with a tennis racket under his arm. The hippie who showed me his college haunts in Tokyo one winter and bought me a lump of crystal. The model who played me a song on his guitar during a sandstorm in Beijing. The drug addict. They all made me who I am today, dry eyed, looking back, unable now to see their faces at all clearly, even if I tried.


  1. can you imagine, this movie is almost 20 years old? It was released in 1992.

  2. you have quite a "history", DDX. merry xmas!!

  3. Dear DG

    amazing recall! what an exciting love life you have had!

    now the only first one that i can recall with any degree of certainty is this french canadian boy from our freshmen class. he mostly showed me how to smoke a, err, toke.

    Remembrance of Things Puffed...lol


  4. Dear Anon: I can. I was young then, and so was whitney! Do you know I never saw this movie? But the song encapsulates that perios in time.

  5. Dear PPX: A long history of the ones that got away - but seriously, it's just this time of the year, and this song, which makes me think of all these people who meant so much to me once. it's all probably a great illusion, like everything violently important. Merry Xmas. X

  6. Dear Joni: I'm pleased!
    Dear EA: Hardly. I can't recall anything at all, just those vague images that have become more romantic as they've gotten blurred with the flattering special effects of time. Some of my substance-infused memories are much more vivid, however, and not to be repeated in my dotage. X

  7. I wana recall too kekeke:
    SM, my first, when I was frigid and could not undress in front of.
    JC, who only wants to play and have a new bf every 3 mths.
    R, when I was pearl of the orient in london, whom I hurt when I slept with C, who wine and dined me and drove with the car top down.
    TF, the psychiatrist who didnt cure me.
    A, 15 years younger and his turn to be frigid
    B, whom I had a major crush on and decided to stop wasting time on men thereafter.

  8. Dear Beauty: Well done! You dated the entire alphabet!