01 January 2011

Born This Way

Lady Gaga's new album Born This Way. Photographed by Nick Knight.


  1. yeah i saw this right away cause i (and the rest of the gay community) was very curious what she and nick knight were doing next. and my first thought was, "well is this it?". i dont want to complain, i just want to share my opinion and see if anyone agrees. i actually went to two concerts of gaga so far. but this just seems old. the spraypaint, the font choice, the unicorn, the 'sex-sells' attitude. and does that bandana come out of ass? plus it looks like she needs rogaine... other than that ;) i'm VERY curious for the new music she's made and the new video :)

    perhaps i was expecting too much?

  2. Dear Dennis: The Rogaine comment is LOL funny - you know what? I fear that this is indeed it: She's already worn a steak dress and copied the whole of madonna's iconography, so basically there's no where else for her to go. I'm not at all curious about her new music/vid basically, I find her quite trying and tired.
    ps: The bandana is coming out of her ass - as i've said before tired, trying. Repeat.

  3. haha thank you SO much for that reply ;) i was afraid some big gaga stan was coming to attack me for saying something even remotely negative about her. you dont even NEED to mention madonna, cause this is just WAY too obvious. lets see what the rest of the world will think of the born this way take over.

    its a shame cause nick knight had made some AMAZING stuff! some of my favs were from him and yamamoto, with naomi campbell. im sure youve seen them.

  4. Dear Dennis: Yes - i've seen them, but they were so looong ago! I find that Mr Knight's work is now merely mechanically perfect and leaves me cold.