07 January 2011

Emanuelle Alt is Vogue Paris Editor in Chief

Vogue Paris has announced that its new editor-in-chief is Emanuelle Alt. Ms Alt, primarily known as fashion director of Vogue Paris, will replace Carine Roitfeld immediately. According to reliable online sources, Ms Roitfeld and Ms Alt haven’t been getting along recently (this is getting to be like the plot of a gripping movie) - Ms Alt has worked at the magazine for over a decade under Carine.The Impossible Emanuelle Alt says: “It’s a great honor for me, but also a great pleasure to become the editor of Vogue Paris that I know so well. In working with very talented teams I will try to develop the the incredible potential of Vogue Paris.”
"Emanuelle knows Vogue Paris inside out," said Xavier Romatet, president of Condé Nast France, "I have total confidence in her."

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