11 February 2011


Details is doing a Men's Health drag - this is so pathetic. Noah Mills's head looks twice as big as everybody else's and Ms O looks like the girl in this picture (which seems set in a gay bar) and those photoshopped biceps look like pure fiction! Bizarre, truly a gay person's idea of being butch, which is hilarious.


  1. This would be the kind of porn i would be watching. i like the guy on the right though, he was in Satc2 right?

  2. Dear Beauty: NOPE
    Dear Dennis: Yes, that's Noah Mills (right). I actually think the casting is bad for the cover as they are so different in size. Of course I think the styling is just terrible, like I said, it's a gay person's idea of what 'straight' looks like. Ms O's(left) hair is just weird, bubbling away in its own plot.

  3. yes thats why i said it would be the kind of 'porn flick' i'd watch. just a couple of hot bodied ones thrown together for some bad styled game of the give and take