05 February 2011

Katie's Kate Avatar

Do you remember? When Katie Grand started this magazine she made quite a big deal of not being overly heavy-handed with Photoshop? Ms Grand was going to go against the tide and publish 'real' images: But look at this cover. Notice anything strange? It's so photoshopped that Kate looks like an avatar of Kate (in fact, she's so worked over that she's looking a bit like Karolina Kurkova?). It's so worked over that it is only minimally a photo - it's more like an illustration isn't it? We all know Kate Moss doesn't look like this, don't we? It's an idea of Kate Moss, that's all, just the idea of her.


  1. every single word on this cover is a complete fail. and it's old news...

  2. Dear Dennis: I agree! In this day and age - kate as punk doesn't equal hardcore at all. It's become meaningless. Even 'androgyny' as a theme feels really old and not cutting edge, as they hope.

  3. yes! kate HAS become meaningless. and ESPECIALLY androgyny as a theme is a complete bore. that was like 5 years ago... it should just come naturally, be a part of the fashion...

  4. 'It's an idea of Kate Moss, that's all, just the idea of her.'

    that is so Platonic. brilliant dear!


  5. Dear EA: Exactly - platonic ideal of Kate. She never looked like that, even when she was that young. One only needs to look at pictures of her then - and if you look at pictures of her now... Oh my!!!
    Dear Dennis: Agreed. Isn't it a shame - Ms Grand is supposed to be such a visionary!