29 March 2011

Goodbye, Liz

I've been reading the tributes to the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor but I've yet come across that captured her particular magic. Sure she was an early acknowledged beauty - one of the greatest perhaps, but she was also quite stout. She was not all that stylish or elegant or refined - in fact, what I adore about her is her lusty vulgarity, and her wackiness and eccentricities through the years. She's unpretentious and humourous. I shall miss her, the last one of the greats, and a true icon.

1 comment:

  1. That's all true but she has a construction worker sense of humour and a heart as big as her butt in her later years. She's lived a full life that's for sure and she couldn't have achieved all she did if she was dim or dull. Beauties are a dime a dozen but a superstar ? That's really something else.