12 March 2011

James Franco's Armpit


  1. Dear Beauty: I really don't know if they are making some sort of a point? Anyway, after much thought, I think it's a successful cover. I quite like it, and can't wait to look at the contents.

  2. dear DG

    the fact that he's almost universally panned for his hosting performance at this year's Oscar - that most unfortunate, self-congratulatory & over-hyped non-event - has raised so high Mr Franco's stock in my book that it's practically off the chart.

    i must go buy some of his DVD's just to show my personal support.


  3. Dear EA: One has given up on the oscars entirely. Hollywood is dreary nonsense and I not enjoyed an american movie is ages... as for mr franco, all i can say is his courting of the fashion world has been very effective.