30 March 2011

Murakami in Versailles

From a book by Phillipe Dagen, Jill Gasparina and Laurent Le Bon


  1. dear DG

    Free Association: the moment i saw 'Murakami', i thought of 'Haruki', immediately followed by 'no can't be must be the other Murakami - 村上 隆'.

    i had to Google to find out his first name in romaji, 'Takashi', as i'd alwas known him by his kanji name, '隆'.

    and i must say these childlike works are much more delightful & endearing than his LV bags...


  2. Dear EA: Ahhh i've been remiss - assuming that readers will know the Takashi Murakami creations kai kai and ki ki when they see it. I think it works in the juxtaposition with the baroque gilt and stateliness of Versailles - the different (in the end not so very different I think) aesthetics increases the beauty and significance of the other.