07 May 2011

Weekend Reading List

I was tasked by father to borrow Turkey: A Short History by Norman Stone from the library and so I walked there, on possibly one of the hottest days on earth. It was so hot I could hardly think, and I certainly couldn't remember when I last visited the library. It was that long ago (can you imagine - my fines had slowly adding up to a nice tidy sum!).
On the way to history stacks, I came across a shelf full of 1980s books and so I borrowed Rupert Everett's 2006 Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins. I'd never read this before even though, or because, I've read his other books. The bisexual Ms Everett is a tolerable writer, but not particularly brilliant, but gossipy and name-dropping (Madonna, Julia Roberts, Joe Mckenna, Catherine Deneuve, Sharon Stone) - quite fun and easy to read. You don't feel guilty if you skipped large chunks or even entire paragraphs, and you don't need to concentrate very hard.I'm also plowing through House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder and Survival by Wall Street Journal reporter Deborah Ball which begins with the glittering funeral of Gianni Versace at the Duomo. It certainly was an era of excessive and egos, now wasn't it? Today, we have mediocre people like Ricardo Tisci and Hedi Slimane in the news. Catherine Middleton did her own makeup at the wedding of the decade. I guess we get what we deserve?


  1. dear DG

    at least Tisci is hunkier & more hirsute than Slimane and that should count shouldn't it? ;)


    PS: and Catherine, gorgeous & lovely girl that she is, should go easy on the eyeliner. it rather ages her, which is a real shame...

  2. Dear EA: I don't know if being hirsute is actually a virtue in this case, but I agree that Mr Tisci is the lesser of the evils.
    As fort eh Duchess of Cambridge - she's rather shrewd and canny; Poor William will be sooo hen-pecked!