15 August 2011

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco in Vogue Paris. The 25-year-old grand daughter of Grace Kelly shows off her fabulous genes on the cover of Vogue Paris's September issue, captured by the inevitable Mario Testino. This is not without precedent: Her mother, Princess Caroline, has been on the cover of Vogue Paris quite a few times.
(Above) Oct 1977, Norman ParkinsonDec/Jan 1983, Andy WarholMarch 1979, Cecil BeatonPrincess Grace Kelly's Vogue cover, December 1971, Richard AvedonVogue UK, March, 1972


  1. Dear David Toms: She's pretty! And much more stylish than Kate Middleton, I must say. Prince Williams could have married her!!! Oh wait... Maybe Prince Harry...

  2. She looks OK on the cover, but who really knows what she looks like in real life.

    Even so, hardly stunning or gorgeous, IMO.

  3. Dear Anon: IMO she looks very pretty on the cover, as I've said. I guess what you mean is one never does know what they really look like in this age of photo-editing, and I can't agree with you more. Indeed I've never seen her in the flesh so lets just say it's a pretty cover, quite convincing, and leave it at that?

  4. What strange, rude people you are! Of course Charlotte Casiraghi is lovely! And why do people always want to marry Grace's girls off to the Royals of England? Do you know the Duchess of Cambridge or Charlotte so that you can compare them? (Her husband is William, not "Williams" for goodness sake)

    I would not wish royal life as a Princess in England on Charlotte. Catherine was around and dated Prince William for many years, so she knew what to expect. Charlotte is free to marry whom she pleases, hopefully the father of her new son. Charlotte is stunning, this is not a photo of how she looks daily, it is Editorial. Even when caught unaware, Charlotte is exquisite, like her Mother and Grandmother.