11 November 2011

Jet Set Jackie

Jackie in Capri


  1. Dear Daniel how come so long then u update ur blog?

    1. Dear Anon: I've been very lazy! My work takes up so much of my time and energy but i'm determined to resume blogging in the year of the dragon so please come back and check me out. Thanks for the faith.

  2. dear DG

    i remember coming across, at the Marine Parade library (of all places) aeons ago this coffee table book (of sorts) by Jackie & her sister Lee. it's abt their Grand Tour of Europe after college. it's done with a lot of snapshots, hand-scrawled notes & other memorabilia - quite ahead of its time in terms of packaging.

    but unfortunately this jewel of a period piece can't seem to be found anywhere now...


    ps: so good to see you blogging again dear. :)

  3. Dear EA: I'm sure they still make this book - alas i can't quite summon up the title (old age you see) but what an amzing discovery it must be - Marine Parade Library is very appropriate venue in a way to discover these sisters, don't you think?