22 January 2012

Jon Jon Linda Turlington

And let me tell you this: Jon Jon is Linda and Christy in drag. There was always something completely asexual about Jon Jon's beauty for me - but you see, it was the same sort of androgyny as Linda's and Christy's beauty. Jon Jon is the final flower of Peter Lindbergh's vision of beauty from the 1990s. We love you Mr Lindbergh! How I miss your early, early days at Vogue Italia.Linda!Christy!


  1. Brilliant comparison! I do see the connection now, which has eluded me so far...


    1. Dear EA: I'm pleased as punch that you can see it; Until i started to discuss this a while back, i hadn't realised that lots of people couldn't make the connection at all.
      I think they were put off the scent by the stubble - but you see it in Peter Lindbergh's pictures of him for david yurman right?