23 January 2012

Super Nude

Our very own Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee is holding a 'solo exhibition' (couldn't resist that) and starting the dragon year with a bang (oh dear). The Super Nude Series Photo Exhibition is on until the 28th of January, at the Hiromi Yoshii Gallery in Ropongi. The exhibition sees Kee's progress into his metier: a series of limited edition (1,000) publications called Super. This particular one celebrates model (and erstwhile Abercrombie Singapore topless greeter - see super below) Takuya Nakamura. Only in Japan, I'm telling you. The unpretentious pictures get more exciting after this and enquiring minds can see the range at http://thinkcount.blogspot.com/ an excellent blog by Max (I'm sorry to be so prim but there you go), where I first came across this juicy bit. No more of that fashion rubbish, thank god!There are others in this hopefully on-going series. Skye Tan, are you taking notes? Mr Nakamura was right here in Orchard Road!


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    1. Dear Anon: Was there an OUCH moment? Oh dear. I had only made a resolution a week ago to be sugar and sugar and all things nice this year. Surely an accidental lapse? X

  2. Dear DG

    I am so very very glad about this new direction/enterprise that Mr Leslie Kee has embarked upon. In a way it's quite his style, non?

    It's rather a classy wet dream with cute Asian boys just dying to happen. And there's decidedly no stopping an idea whose time has come [oops].


  3. Dear EA: I'm not at all sure that it's a 'new direction' for mr kee - it think it was always lurking there under those 'fashion shots'(hmmm); the time has certainly come (oops again)for such an idea and i'm happy to note that the pictures have become at once less derivative and much more sincere.
    It's a relief (oh no!) for me - the pubes and pits genre has certainly become banal.
    So grateful to your blog for giving me something to blog about as usual. X

  4. In an unrelated note: Why so serious? I prefer when these guys crack a smile.

  5. Dear Anon: Hardly unrelated - but then, porn is largely humourless is it not?
    I think also the ideal of masculinity - perhaps smiles are still considered less 'macho' than scowls. Very old fashioned I agree but there you go again. X

  6. Wat a visual feast for ma cataracted eyes and after trawling http://thinkcount.blogspot.com/ , I'm now very weak and have to lie in bed for 2 days. The world is really full of cute eager guys.

    1. Dear Beauty: I'm happy that you enjoyed the array of pictures at Max's amazing blog - btw he is a frequent commentator here under EA. His blog is amazing isn't it? A complete labour of love and I'm sure he works very hard do be sure to support him often by commenting. And since you are lying down let me wish you a restorative and blissful rest. X

  7. How does one request an invitation to Http://thinkcount.blogspot.com?