09 June 2012


We don’t have summer here in the tropics of course. We have wilting, intoxicating heat (like right now) and then we have thunderous rainstorms; So when we refer to Summer in the magazine, we mean the fashion season, of course. But I think also, and equally relevant, is the metaphorical idea of summer. It’s mid year. We’ve toiled for six long months. School’s out – it’s time to take a breather, and reflect on what we’ve done in the first half of the year, taking stock before the Fall season starts, and we race ahead to the year’s end.
For me, this is the traditional time to reward myself with a little break, and nothing spells a break for me so much as a spell by the sea. Some of you prefer cities or snow, but there’s something atavistic about surf and sand, and I’ve chalked up quite a trail on some of the most immaculate beaches on earth. I’ve rested my weary head at some really splendid resorts – remote, comfortable, serene – with loved ones, and beloved books and my own music. This June was spent at the Aman in Tangalle, Sri Lanka, which richly captures the languor and sensuality of the best beach holidays, set as it is in the majesty of unspoilt nature. The gracefully minimalist resort recalled to me my first Aman holiday (Phuket, 1993): Those were the years of tanning fearlessly – we had such innocent pleasures then - I vividly recalled eating fat mangoes while watching my toes roast slowly brown under swaying, rustling trees. I don’t think anyone in this day and age will be foolish enough to sit out in the sun without an apothecary of lotions and potions, but we did then. We smoked, we drank, we had fun. And by fun, I don't mean diving. The sport is not all that environmentally friendly if you think about it – would you like a manta ray to visit you in your living room? No, I didn’t think so.

Of course you can enjoy a good rest right in the peace and privacy of your own verandah. In this age of frequent flyer atrocities, it’s the apogee of luxury to sleep in your own bed. I’m very possessive of my lazy days spent with the door firmly shutting the world shut out. Have a blissful summer!

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