13 June 2012



Mrs Tina Lee, Ex Beauty Queen, from her sofa.
“She’s been in one of her moods; I know my daughter – playing Bach night and day is never a good sign. I introduced Bach to Dana you know. Dr Chiong told me that patients at the Mental Health Clinic are prescribed three hours of Bach a day – said to be so improving and calming for the nerves – yes, something chemical happens in the brain – and then the patients can paint quite beautiful pictures of koi afterwards!”

Dodo Chuan, Top Photographer, from his gym locker.
“I told Brooke that I would do anything for her but not Eli Kee’s album cover pictures for that kind of money; I explained to Dana that the amount wouldn’t even be enough to pay for my bodybuilding supplements. You know what she said? She said since I’m talking numbers, she should remind me of the number of covers she’d given me at Glossy, and the number of covers she has yet to give me at Flair. Also, the number of her clients that she’s sent my way over the number of years, not to mention the number of years of friendship, advice and inspiration.

“So I’m shooting Eli’s album cover pictures next Tuesday.”

Queenie, Editorial Assistant, Flair, from somewhere along Orchard Road:
“And what do you think Eli Kee thanked Ms Dana with after she moved heaven and earth to get Dodo to shoot his album cover? A bunch of flowers! Yes, and not from Florientals either, just some random bunch of – I think – pink peonies? Was she pleased? Can one tell with Ms Dana? She’s quite the ice blonde if ever a Teochew girl can be an ice blonde. And do you think Eli could be the stalker type? I keep thinking I see his Peugeot panel van in the vicinity of our office, seriously. And when I look again, it’s gone – but who else can it be? That very dust encrusted, rather humble, once-white panel van? It’s causing me great anxiety you know. I have six shoots to source for, I can’t have Dana think Eli Kee, the mad musician, is stalking – moi!”

Ritchie, Top Hairstylist, from a massage bed in Chinatown:

“She seemed buoyant, you know; kept humming those d-d-dreadful jazz tunes – I mean who listens to jazz any more? She came in wanting curls! I said d-d-dear Dana, at your age? And aren’t we getting a bit g-g-giddy with the colour – too light you know. She just giggled like a school girl, as if she had a secret. Oh, said I, my antennae up at once, has Adam Tan made something of a p-p-proposition? Dana you naughty, naughty girl pra-a-ay tell. And you know what? She laughed out loud – that wonderful Dana Lee laugh – quite like a ray of sunshine in the depths of winter, I’m telling you. Quite m-m-melted my heart, but bitch didn’t say a thing. Quite the sphinx, our dear Ms Lee.”

Emma Tang, Features Editor, Flair, at her desk:

“Ms Dana had to go to Bangkok to see the Abbot of the Jade Buddha Temple, so I had to deliver some gifts she had forgotten at the office to the Seletar Airbase. She was to fly on Mr Tan’s private jet. It was eight and I had just arrived with her packages, and what do you think Dana came in? Not the royal blue Rolls! A rather dusty off-white panel van wended its way to the tarmac and Dana got out! Quite bizarre, to see those lovely Goyard bags coming off the back of that vehicle after being wedged in with what looked like a drum set! Mr Pilot looked quite shocked really. Never saw a car this in need of a wash. It wasn’t Mr Tan’s style, I can tell you.
“And then I remembered Queenie’s stalker. Queenie said he had a stalker in a dirty white panel van! Queenie’s stalker sending Dana Lee to the plane at eight in the morning, whatever can it mean? Before I could ask Ms Dana, she had skipped up the two steps into the plane, and the van had zoomed off in a cloud of dust.”

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