16 August 2012


A restless night spent tossing and turning determined her resolve: Dana Lee decided that she had to go back to work, and at the next possible opportunity, refuse Adam Tan as certainly as cannot be mistaken. She had also decided that she would not be returning to Adam Tan’s Sentosa Cove refuge after last night’s little situation with the self-made multi-millionaire. She will not be pressurised that way, or any other way, and she was certain, because she knew Adam so well, that his next move would involve an important piece of jewellery. This will not do; Scenes were to be avoided at all costs. Well, at least the scene last night had galvanised Dana back to life - fleeing and escape is not something to be indulged in too often.
You’d think in this age of all things digital that Dana Lee’s accumulated mail would be somewhat less of a pile – but no. Back in her office, bills and bank statements in official, windowed envelopes; stacks of press releases in all their designer stiffness; Thick catalogues in heavy stock and invites in fancy lettering swelled her week’s mail to two cardboard cartons full, sorted into rubber-banded bundles by her loyal, if flighty, assistant Queenie. This was not to mention the pages and pages of e-mail, of course.
Everything, in short, but a word from Eli. 
Mary Cassatt
Dana Lee, anxious to escape her emotional turmoil, delved into the boxes of mail with something akin to gusto, scissors and silver envelope knife to the ready. What caught her eye at once was a square cream letter, addressed to her in handwriting – Eli’s handwriting. Dana Lee’s heart almost leapt from her composed Armani jacket at the recognition, and she took it up at once, and shutting the glass door of her minimalist office for more privacy, she opened the letter.  

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