30 September 2012

SPRING 2013: Hermès

The poor silk artisans - there must be some sort of labour law in France to protect them from doing such an ugly colour combi!
These colours beg the question: What's wrong with black?
For the girls who like to tinker with car engines, surely .  The capacious bag is heavy with greasy tools.

Try to think of a mitigating factor.
If you weren't disagreeable to start with, you will soon be once you wear this look.
Words fail me and then after you weep at the hair and the strange crop, you can use the tie to wipe your eyes.
Along with flooding the market with hideous Franken-bagsHermès seems completely to be determined to accelerate its downward drift by replacing Jean Paul Gaultier with Christophe Lemaire. How many seasons (one shudders, doesn't one?) has it been? Lemaire makes Gaultier look good, almost brilliant (quite a feat, really!). This season, Lemaire seems hell-bent on putting the ugliest clothes out, despite stiff competition from New Yuck. 

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