13 April 2014


Firstly, Louis Koo's bizarre waxen caramel toffee colour has been much commented upon, leading many to speculate that he sleeps on a tanning bed; But that doesn't explain the waxen Madame Tussauds quality that he has, does it? 
Nong Poy and The Burnt Toffee Twist
But the caramel colour and waxen quality didn't put off Thai transsexual actress Nong Poy who had reportedly foamed over Louis Koo while shooting film The White Storm with the caramel-coloured actor. Poy had even apparently dumped her long-time boyfriend for the actor (Hong Kong media reported). Although, bizarrely, Poy had declined to shoot "intimate" scenes with Koo for the movie "for fear of frightening her parents". 
This ambiguous latter bit is really hard to understand, and if you think about it, has no logic whatsoever. It does leave one rather wondering what Poy's parents might have objected to. 
My guess is Koo's unnatural colouring. 
Poy and Koo were rumoured to have developed a romance, and caused Poy to have broken up with her boyfriend of five years. Poy admitted that she and her boyfriend had split, but denied that Louis was the "third party". She said: "He treats me like a younger sister, and I feel that he has never courted me before. I don't want to tarnish his reputation!"


  1. I always feel he looks like Adam Cheng. And Nong is smart to have the tabloids goss about them so the rest of Asia knows her.

    1. Dear BLA, now that you mention it, he does look like Adam Cheng! A crispy charred version. On that same note, do you realise that the boy dancing vigorously in the London Choco Roll commercial looks like Huang Wenyong?

    2. Yes he does and you can tell there is a drag waiting to burst out of his wholesome facade.