05 May 2014


Calm down. 
It isn't what you think, although it sounds like it: A shrine to the 'costumes' worn by Ms Wintour, although I'm sure something of the sort is in the offing (shudders - imagine an endless archive of those stiff tai tai print dresses and heavy crystal chokers). 
The famous Cecil Beaton photo of a group of Charles James ballgowns

No, instead, the Anna Wintour Costume Center is part of the The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of New York. The inaugural exhibition, politically correctly American, is Charles James: Beyond Fashion (till August 10); First Lady Michelle Obama cut the ribbon officially opening the Anna Wintour Costume Center, which has just undergone a two-year renovation. 

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  1. The authorities don't have the know-how and creativity to promote local designers. The fashun insiders and magazine editors don't really endorse them enough. The consumers are sheep buying labels others have heard about even though they may be vomit. So how like that?