09 February 2009

I Think I Made You Up

I think I made you up.
I think I didn't hear you right.
I think you didn't mean to leave me on the curb.
I think you wanted to hit me.
I think I felt it in your touch.
I think the phone was dead, the battery flat.
I think you were sleeping.
I think you said so, at the time.
I think you said I love you.
I think this was how it started, yes.
I think I was early.
I think you tried to tell me, in hints.
I think I made you up.


  1. i think you are really a girl. can still think of such things. oh dear, i m such a jaded cow! i never think or believe in such stuff anymore.

  2. can you say something else about me instead of just "mad" all the time hehehe

  3. u live a v full life and i m so envious. n ur mad. XOXO