15 February 2009

The Very Common Cold

I hate getting a cold. 
I hate feeling sick. 
I hate the people who spread it even more, and so many are wilfully ignorant about how cold viruses spread - you'd think it's the Dark Ages!
Cold viruses (rhinoviruses) can live for at least 24 hours on surfaces including door handles, plates and the tips of straws. You can either be serving food or having a cold, not both.
Colds spread when virus-laden mucus from a sick person gets onto the fingers of a well person who rubs his nose or eyes. So stop touching your nose and eyes.
And if you're sick, stop pretending you're not (and stop saying it's sinuses, it's not), this is MOST hateful.
Cold viruses can travel, and infect innocent healthy people, in a one metre radius. 
If you stay at home, you won't be sneezing in public. So stop pretending you're not sick.
Some colds are biphasic. This means you can feel sick, feel better, then feel sick again, remaining infectious throughout.
You can shed the virus for up to three weeks.
Wash your hands often with soap and water. 
And please, just stay at home.


  1. you certainly know your germs!
    hope you're feeling better.

  2. OMG!! i am having a cold n taking my meds thanks for the tip, no way i am going out or going to work. cheers

  3. Stay nourished, Uncle G. (And next September, rush for the flu jab.) - Hypo Chin.

  4. i'm so glad to read this. i have always abhor those people who insist on going to work while sick, thinking that it shows a conscientious & virtuous work ethic, with nary a thought for their poor colleagues who have to inhale virus-infected recycled air along with them.

    what worse is misguided bosses who encourage such public health-detrimental behaviour in their employees, and punish those who are medically enlightened for absenteeism...:(

  5. sorry, should have been 'i have always abhorred'...

  6. Dear anon:
    I'm so happy that you agree.
    Here's something inexplicable else that vexes me - when you ask someone sniffing and sneezing if they have the flu, they always say NO, it's the sinus, NO it's the air con, NO i'm always like this when i wake up NO its an allergy NO this always happens when i eat. The latter i heard only last week.
    And when people don't use the serving spoon for common dishes, it's like i'm transported back to a cave rubbing sticks for fire.