27 March 2009

God Made Me Eat Lunch

(For Brainwave)
Last week I was late for all three client lunches. On the other two days, my colleagues weren't ready to eat till around 2pm and so I was hungry a lot of the time. (I don't eat breakfast.) At some point, I was so hungry that I felt sick, giddy, irritable, weak. I couldn't wait to eat something, anything, the first thing that I could seize. At Les Amis I ate two rolls (and huge lashings of butter) before I could even study the menu without the words swimming around like a front-loading washing machine on spin dry. I love butter. Les Amis is one of those places that still think it still fashionable to serve olive oil but some of the food is good.
I had to eat. I needed food.
Last week I also decided that I couldn't make anymore excuses and went back to the gym. It was the first time - after a year of dinners and events and friends and travel and work and rest and stuff like that. And so I nearly died. My body seemed in revolt. It didn't want to exercise. It wanted to lie down, curl into a ball and go into a deep sleep for the rest of the decade.
and that's just one of those things that make me think that god is cruel.
God never ever makes me want what is good for me.
I never love those I should.
I haven't said sorry to so and so.
I haven't filed my income tax.
I have not picked up my dry cleaning for a year.
But. I always desperately want to eat lunch.


  1. "I have not picked up my dry cleaning for a year."

    LOL do they still keep it for you?

    i haven't been to the gym in ages too :(

  2. Vogueite honey, u don't need to go to the gym la... ur already a PURRRRRRFect model size!

  3. i also depend on my colleagues to buy lunch back for me bec i dont lunch outside. so at 1pm sharp, i will intone 'lunch' very seriously and loudly. Then I will have to remind them every 5 minutes that i am hungry , (about 3 or 4 times) before they get up and go. but i always have some biscuits and snacks around if my hunger pangs get worse. you should really have a simple and east breakfast at the very least? if we dont take care of ourselves, who will? And this posting is hilarious because after all the advice you give me at my blog, you are no different! stop stressing :)

  4. I'm not stressing. I'm just angry that we are not made to WANT to exercise, but we WANT to eat. Isn't that some sick joke? If i don't eat I feel terrible. But I never WANT desperately to exercise. Have you ever felt like you were dying to skip to the gym? But I have felt like dying to eat lunch. In fact, everyday!