19 April 2009

One Sunday

The hottest day, one Sunday.
Take the rosaries, choose one you like, you keep.
Marvis toothpaste, he took and hid the the rose flavoured one.
Rubber slippers, wear them with anything.
Diet Coke, a tumbler full of ice cubes.
"He went to her block of flats, and wanted to stay over."
Durian puffs from Goodwood Park Hotel.
"Should I shower, do I smell?"
Pretended to shower, the shower floor was dry (when I checked).

His flat got no fan.
Ciara. I danced and danced.
Salsa. The people of Argentina.
Wearing black heels, looking so natural.
He had crabs, kept scratching. "There was blood under his nails."
The boy with the bleached hair looks so special.
He looks old, he looks young.
The white rosary looks better, take that.
Then a week later, he said "It broke".
Drink the beer.
Herbal chicken is good on hot days.
Daddy behaviour is a sort of possessiveness.
Smoking Marlboro menthols incessantly.
Then they broke up.

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