17 April 2009

Weekend Reading List

I went to the library to pay my fines (total: $3.65) and picked up two more Agatha Christie books, After the Funeral and Nemesis. The former is a Hercule Poirot, which is one of her best I think, I felt chills reading it, and finished it in a day and half. The latter is a Jane Marple, and I find it rather a struggle and am tempted to abandon it. I'm also reading Marina Warner's Fantastic Metamorphoses, Other Worlds: Ways of Telling the Self (yes, a clumsy title). It's full of vengeful gods turning people into she-bears and woodpeckers. Love it. I met Maddie, and she gave me a two-volume book of photos by Jean-Louis Dumas, whom I gather is rather ill. It's a beautiful book, and looking at it is like my eyes are drinking a glass of cool water. I'm also looking at the new Le Monde D'Hermes which has lots of lovely Tim Walker pictures and divine new Hermes merch. Yes, you can picture me reading like the girl in the Fragonard. Don't you just love the pillow?

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