15 May 2009

Frankly Speaking

Mrs Lady told me over a ramble and late, late lunch:
1. You know, of course, G swung both ways.
2. G is married, has been for years, but will put out for pin money. They always do, honey. I have a mouth witness.
3. Can you imagine, LLF fell in love with O (at first sight, I might add). O was half his age, half naked and painted gold.
4. Always, the parties with half-naked male 'models'.
5. At the fashion show, I was wondering where are the naked men? Then out they came!
6. The the infamous feathers, I was watching how Mrs Leo would deal with this.
7. My dear, do you know? The feathers didn't dare to land on her elegant self.
8. Yes, he fell in love the same night he stole the towel from the powder room.
9. She takes lots of pictures have you seen them? Click click flash flash, quite relentless.
10. What do they do all night? They keep Paris time hon!
11. You should have seen him only five years ago, my dear, he had a jaw.
12. Al only needs the job you know, because he needs the employment pass.
13. He has no vices, only does baby seafood. Little baby lobsters and tiny little bivalves.
14. Before that, the tart was selling charm bracelets my dear, that's how they met.
15. I'm only her friend before dinner of course. No one knows what she does after dinner.
16. I always say think of your children for goodness sake. But would she listen?
17. Oh yes, they said it was suicide, but it wasn't you know. He had the first wife killed. Oh yes, anything can happen there.
18. The doctor had a washboard stomache, so I was very impressed hon. I took notes!
19. She wore her wedding dress three times! She said why not? It's haute couture you know? There's no talking to people like that of course.
20. The tart was with an Arab businessman before this, so no, he is not some innocent babe in the woods, he's definitely a counter jumper of the first order.


  1. LOL gossip girl much? did you pick up the latest issue of Style? the printing was off on so many pages :(

  2. Vogueite, i have not picked up a copy of Style: in ages and not only the printing is off of course. X