15 May 2009

Weekend Reading List

I've picked up my favourite Alan Hollinghurst The Line of Beauty again and struck anew by how special this really is. It sort of hangs together so well, from cover to cover, and I can't put it down. It's romantic, full of longing, and those coke-snorting scenes make me nostalgic. It's quite an unlikely Man Booker Prize winner (2004), as it's not self-consciously literary at all. It's sort of like a 1980s Brideshead. Dan Stevens plays Nick Guest in the BBC series of the book and is like Jeremy Irons crossed with Hugh Grant, and depending on your taste, is a total dreamboat. I'm dying to see him as Edward Ferrers in Sense and Sensibility (for obvious reasons)!
Of course, I have scads of print outs to read: Stuff I started to print on Thursday. This was a particularly hectic week and I haven't been able to read even the usual. Also I dragged home a few Elle Decors from the office to get inspired to buy a new flat. Looking at apartments are such a chore really. News: i-D has announced that it will become a bi-monthly. Will we miss it? I don't think so. It's more inexplicable that people are launching new titles in these times. An arbiter of 'designer living' (can you think of anything so laughably anachronistic?) just launched, and later in September, Style: Men will be launched, brought to you by the wonderful team that closed Arena Singapore. Be sure to rush out and buy a copy won't you? XOXO


  1. Really the wrong person to play Nick Guest! He looks so common.