20 June 2009

An Eccentric Qiuz

Are you an eccentric? I bet you are.
Although I must say I've mad quite a cult of normalcy. I love normality; I crave it. But come, let's find out. If you have five or more of the following characteristics, you qualify. Do not cheat.

Yes or No, quickly:
1. Nonconforming attitude
2. Creative
3. Strongly motivated by curiosity
4. Idealistic
5. Happy obsession with a hobby or hobbies
6. Knew very early in their childhood they were different from others
7. Eldest or only child
8. Opinionated and outspoken
9. Noncompetitive; not in need of reassurance or reinforcement from society
10. Unusual living or eating habits
11. Not interested in the opinions or company of others
12. Mischievous sense of humor
13. Highly intelligent
14. Not a good speller
15. Single

"Eccentrics live longer and are happier than the rest of us. It's a combination of an optimistic outlook and low stress. Eccentrics don't give a hoot what the rest of the world thinks of them. In fact, eccentrics revel in the fact that they make people laugh. I think we can all learn a lot from them about holding on to the dreams and curiosity we had as children." - David Weeks
Photo of Dame Edith Sitwell is by Cecil Beaton


  1. Am eccentric alright! Scored way beyond 5!

  2. Props for this post. :)

  3. LOL... i was an 8: Yet i consider myself NORMAL