12 June 2009

Weekend Reading List

In the tumoil of dashing to the July issue deadline, and catching up on all the work that had piled up during the week I was away, I was caught printing out scads of stuff to read this weekend. Boon tried, but failed to make possible for me to print out on both sides of the paper. Computer says no. Anyway, I've never seen it done. I've also got some news magazines to get through and a stand of newspapers that father collected for me to read. I'm reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, a slim novel by Mark Haddon. (You guys might have seen it, the cover's cute!) Roch lent it to me to read on the trip, but I haven't finished it, even though it's really something that can be read in a day. It's wonderfully-written and I'm going to zip through it this weekend. You're looking at Jane Austen covers designed by Leigh-Anne Mullock, which she embroidered herself. So delightfully twee right?


  1. just a call to the printer whom you rent the machine will let boon know how to print on both sides in 5 minutes. it is very simple. i am stoopid - i dont understand what the mark haddon novel is about after reading it. can't make head or tale?

  2. hv not fin reading it... m hoping it has any meaning, not just style.

  3. Uncle G: I've been meaning to send these links to you. There's an increasingly nasty spat in the TLS letters page - the Austen world is not all embroidered wit and elegant morals!