09 June 2009

The Young Ones

Taxi uncle asked you Malay.
I said no why?
He said you look Malay. You Malay?
I said no I Chinese.
Oh you look Malay look handsome thought you Malay.
(It being a long time since anyone said I looked handsome I simpered and tried to act cute).
Taxi uncle:
Your sunglasses very nice huh you borrow me I performance this Sunday. I'm singing this Sunday. I play drums too but this Sunday I sing. You know this song? The Young Ones, you know this song?
He proceeded to holler the song The Young Ones. I mean, the entire song. It's 9.30am on a Wednesday. It's the hottest day in 2009, and I'm sweating like a hog.
Come and see me this Sunday. At Tampines amphitheatre.
I'm performing from 5 to 9 (isn't that a very long performance?). Got makan got lucky draw come come borrow your sunglass.


  1. he was trying to pick you up, duh.

  2. Of cos not! Sorry for this badly written post, it's unfinished. I was writing it halfway when I had to go do some actual work. I'll come back and finish it... one day.
    Uncle Chin, I forgot to bring your add along so u won't be getting a postcard from seychelles for our collection.

  3. I see the postcard already - all sarongs and austens.

  4. I luv that image uncle ccf... sarongs and austen... so romantic!