28 July 2009

At Lunch

I went to lunch at a Chinese restaurant. It was a grand old place, hushed, glittering with gilt and mirrors and white cloth that bounced circles of light.
But facing the entrance a wall of aquariums, alive with seafood-to-be. The tanks were dressed with an illusion of an underwater paradise, photos of lush green vegetation wallpaper the fish's cell which is lit brightly, the streams of oxygen bubbles sparkling and swirtling like clouds.
In one tank, three fishes, elegantly white, look almost luminous. But they are attacking each other furiously.
As the lunch drones on, I watch the three fishes fighting and fleeing within their narrow, magical confines, wondering why they fight and struggle so, when they all suffer the same sad fate?


  1. Death is not sad. it is a great release :)

  2. R u getting buddhist on me...? Walau...