28 July 2009

Super Mario

Asian looking!...
The smile!...
The neck!...
The hands!...
That nose!... Mario Maurer (born December 1988) is my July crush.


  1. his nose should be thinner but please let me hit it.

  2. i think the nose kinda works on him? it sort of adds a bit of character, and makes him look a bit more intelligent.
    i should also add that these pictures are not the latest. he looked better back then, now that he is a bit more grown up he doesn't look as good... i suspect he has fat genes too!

  3. yea some of these photos have been around for some time. i agree!! he was so cute when filming Love of Siam.. which i have yet to watch!!

  4. Vogueite: Go watch! It's quite a sweet movie, and Mr Maurer actually seems cuter moving then in pictures (is it possible?)!