07 August 2009

Linda in Vogue Italia

Steven Meisel's pictures of Linda E in September's Vogue Italia are really outstanding fashion photographs, and I can see him referencing Cecil Beaton, Lillian Bassman and Irving Penn in them, while making them all his own. However I must speak out against bloated fashion editorials that have no meaning at all: Calling a spread Urban Decay, then showing a lot of random clothes that do not have any discernable running theme makes even the best photographs look irrelevant. Is this a portrait of Linda? Not exactly. Is this about hats? Coats? Leather opera gloves? What is it about, one wants to know. What am I looking at?


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  2. wot is up wif the return of all these girls?
    first linda, christy and now claudia for d&g's tarot inspired scents?

    also, wot does tis mean? it's as if to say tat they just dun make them like they used to?