07 August 2009

Weekend Reading List

We shall do a Singapore themed weekend, shall we?
One of the things I really love about Singapore is the sense that it's still very much a jungle. Three minutes from Orchard Road and you could be in the Botanical Gardens where there is, literally, a jungle. There are patches of un-built on land everywhere where the growth is dense and luxuriant, untamed, quite bewildering; Between cracks in the pavement, unknown trees grow; Monsoon drains and eaves of ol houses sprout shrubs. I'm grazing on Tropical Garden Plants by William Warren this long National Day weekend. I'm reading Johann S Lee's To Know Where I'm Coming From, which someone said I should read. Also, I'm reading One Fierce Hour (1998), Alfian Sa'at's debut collection of poems, published when he was only 21.

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