07 August 2009

Single In Singapore

"Single in Singapore
You don't know what you're in for.
Just pray that someday,
You'll find what you're looking for..."
- Dick Lee

Sigh. There are alot of single people in Singapore. Why is it like this?
J is single and nearly crashed into a traffic cop because he was ogling a driver of a SUV.
JJ is single. He 'visits' his 'boyfriend' in Hong Kong twice a year on his annual leave. It's always him going to Hong Kong and never the other way around; The rest of the time he's in a bitter stew.
B is single and weekends and weekdays goes on rounds and rounds of cocktails, looking lovely, and smiling sweetly, if a little brittle (and a little drunk) as the days go singly by.
KM has accumulated his singleness into an enormous life-size binge and since 30, has swelled to the size of a moon-gate.
BF says he has a Thai boyfriend in Bangkok, but that's neither here nor there.
MN has two Thai boyfriends, but that's neither here nor there either.
GM who's 50, if she's a day, who claims to some boyfriend or other is in her condo eating her pizza or showering her in glitter and moonshine, is listened to politely. No one has seen these boyfriends, and they are not otherwise discussed.
My ex colleague from Tangs is single and has taken up baking. She gave me a pumkin seed sponge cake and told me about her two besties in Shanghai. Single in Shanghai.
One has taken to drink. One has taken to discounted designer things.
AW is single in her Toa Payoh flat, with her 20 cats and 200 little black dresses.
LB is always dating this man or that man and causing waiters to drop their trays and shoppers to fall flat on the escalator, but he wears his singleness like an invisible Alexander Wang pall.
LB's buddy, a lawyer is single. He shops.
LB's other buddy, V is single, even though she knows her camera angles.
MK has disappeared again; He's playing house with a new man. How many men have there been? Isn't this just another type of singlehood?
LBC is single. She's dressed to the nines, and has celebrity friends, but one wonders what she feels sometimes?
TWT is a modeliser, single.
ER has the occasional drugged-out threesome, but is mostly single.
A is active in saunas and other public spaces, but has given up otherwise.
A's friend B, a lawyer like LB's friend, does Pilates and her nose. Yes, single.
C has travelled the world from Canada to Cannes, she even got a chin in Korea, that looks so natural you'd hardly know it was there; But she's still single.
L had one love of a lifetime, broke up, and now dragonboats with implacable fury.
BG adopted a human pet for a year; When that didn't work out, adopted a stray cat (much the same thing, BG?) and settled down for a life of happy endings, here, there and all over the net.
BG's friend, yet another single lawyer, does yoga religiously and is now contemplating eyebrow tattoo at Browhaus.
All these, and many, many more, are single in Singapore.
They soldier bravely on, and so are worthy of being celebrated.


  1. if you are not attached, you are single. If it's not day, it's nite. plus and minus lah. same same but different ka? am i mentioned in there somewhere?

  2. Of course ur mentioned... now you only need to see which one u r! It's not so difficult...